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Invention submission companies are entities that help you present new product ideas to different industries, so as to enable you to obtain a good review of the inventions that you have. These companies are adept with the various processes that are involved in getting products patented or in selling them off to possible investors like large companies or angel investors.

There is no guarantee that when you contact an invention submission company, you can now expect your invention to pass the scrutiny of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as get companies to buy your invention. What these companies can do is to refer you to registered patent attorneys. They can also refer you to patent agents who can all assist you in getting U.S. patent services. Patenting an invention is not that easy, which is why it is very ideal for you to seek the help of entities who know the ins and outs of such a process. That way, you would now be a step closer to getting your invention patented and eventually marketed, as compared to seeing your invention simply occupying some space in your home.

Aside from referring you to the right entities, they can also provide you with other services in relation to getting your invention recognized and marketed appropriately. They can help you with the text that you need for your invention literature, pinpoint the companies where you can submit your idea and hopefully get your ideas sold, secure a confidentiality agreement with prospective companies, create press releases and many more. So for a minimal fee, these companies would be able to help you obtain all these stuff. Yes, you may purchase such services on your own, however, doing so might cost you a lot more than getting invention submission companies to do it for you.

Some popular companies that offer the abovementioned services are Idea Trade Network, Faultless Inventors and Protomine. There are actually a lot more companies that aim to help inventors present their ideas and you just need to choose the company well. If you are a bit apprehensive, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) publish complaints of individuals on companies that were not able to deliver what they claimed. If no individual complained against the company that you would like to submit your invention to, then perhaps that company might be reliable and trustworthy.

So just like with any other inventor, the most basic question is always how to sell your inventions. If such is your problem, and you don’t know what to do next, you can always look for good invention submission companies to help you present your invention to the world.

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