How To Sell Your Inventions

Are you wondering how to sell your inventions? If you happen to be one of those great inventors who always come up with brilliant ideas but never got the chance to bring them to the market, don’t fret. There are ways and means that will help you get companies to notice your ideas, and hopefully, to eventually buy them. You might also like to get your invention patented first so as to make it easy for you to present your product to large conglomerates, with the assurance that in the event that they would be using your invention, you get your share of the profits.

If you are quite stumped at the moment on how to get companies to take due recognition of your invention, one thing that you can do is to look for reliable invention submission companies. These are entities that can help you present your idea to a certain industry. They know of the intricacies involved in getting inventions patented and recognized by the concerned industry. By submitting your invention to these companies, you are already taking the initial step to being able to eventually sell off your invention.

If you want to personally handle your patent application, you can also file it on your own with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). You can choose either a provisional patent application or a non-provisional patent application. The former is cheaper but lasts for only a year, and within that year, you would need to come up with the required fees to be able to apply for a non-provisional patent. The latter on the other hand gives you better security, comes with a higher fee, but also would require more work coming from you. This is a more detailed application and it is always recommended that you hire the services of a patent attorney or agent if you choose to apply for a non-provisional patent.

Once you have taken the first steps of patenting an invention with the USPTO, you can now start looking for companies who are always willing to consider new invention ideas. There are so many inventor friendly companies that accept inventions from individual inventors. Take note that most of them would require either a “patent pending” status of inventions or one that has already been issued with a patent by the patent office. You may find a list of these companies at Inventors Digest (

So if you are still wondering how to sell your inventions, you can take any of the options outlined above, and once you have made the initial steps, you can be more optimistic about being able to sell your inventions to prospective companies.

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